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Caring For Your Laptop in Cold Weather

Laptops can actually stand a fair amount of exposure to cold and sub-zero temperatures without getting any sort of damage. Even with this, transporting and working with a laptop in subzero temperatures (especially if there is rain or snow) does have some risk to your...

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How to Boost your iPhone’s Speed

If you’re like the many other millions of iPhone owners out there, you’ve probably had some experience with slowdown on your device at some point or another. While this is completely normal and should not be cause for alarm, there are a number of things you can do...

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Common Computer Problems

We’ve all been there, staring at the computer screen with a frustrated look on your face, feeling that at any moment you’re going to give in to the impulse to grab your monitor and throw it out the window. Computer problems are common with every computer and are...

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What you need to know before buying a New Computer

In the market for a new computer?  We’ve made it easy by gearing you up with the options you should consider before plunking down your hard-earned cash.  Read on for some great tips. Desktop or Laptop? Your use of the computer will make this choice a fairly simple...

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Tips for Proper Laptop Care

Laptops are a popular choice when it comes to home computers; they’re simple to operate, and because they’re lightweight, small and easy to pack up, they are wonderfully portable.  A laptop doesn’t limit you when compared to a computer – many have several ports for...

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The Benefits of a SSD

PCs have come a long way over the decades; even the most basic computers on the market today offer a variety of customization virtually unheard of 20 years ago. One of the big choices when buying, or building, a new computer is storage: Should you go with the old...

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Can I Fix my iPhone Myself?

It happens to all of us; one day your iPhone is working beautifully, and the next it’s malfunctioning. You’re walking on the sidewalk when you suddenly drop your iPhone, shattering the screen. If something like this has happened to you recently, and one or more parts...

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Can a broken LCD Screen be fixed without replacing it?

It’s not likely that you won’t spend at least a part of your day in front of some type of screen.  It can be frustrating when those screens are damaged and not working as well as we expect them to.  A scratch or crack can make it hard to see the information we’re...

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