Cell and IPhone Repair

At Rosedale Computers we are dedicated to the complete repair of all cellphones in the shortest amount of time. Ideally, we specialize in Iphones but, we also repair Samsung and Blackberry phones as well. We have full-time certified technicians to take care of all of your minor to major repairs. Some of the typical repairs we handle are Broken Glass, Touch Screen Problems, Charging Port issues, Battery Replacement, Housing Replacement, White LCD, Bleeding LCD, Dim LCD, Unlocking Service and Water Damage.

iPhone Repair


Housing Replacement

We can replace the entire back with a new OEM part. Furthermore, we can replace your back cover, silver bezel and the front of your phone to make it brand new again.

Touch Screen Problems

If you have touch screens issues such as no response when touching caused by uncontrollable circumstances such as dropping your phone in water or extreme weather conditions, we will replace your touch screen with a brand new OEM part within 30 to 60 minutes – Diagnostic testing is free.

Charging Port Problems

Whether your Iphone connector is loose or completely not working, we can replace the whole charging port or the cable with original
OEM parts.

Battery Replacement

We can replace your non functioning battery with a brand new OEM Battery.

Note: A couple points to remember. To extend the life of your battery turn off your 3G or 4G network once in a while. Always turn your Wifi and Bluetooth off when not in use.

Unlocking Services

If you require jail breaking your IPhone for whatever reason, we can do it within an hour. However, keep in mind that upgrading your OS software on your phone will revert it back the way it was originally.

Water Damage

For the most part, when you drop your phone in wet places such as outside in the rain, in a sink or a pool,  you can avoid damage
by not turning the phone on again and using various home made drying techniques available on the internet. However, when the damage is irreparable, leave to our professionals to fix it like new.


We provide care and services for all issues as the Iphone with original OEM parts. We use original Samsung parts such as LED screens, Glass, motherboard, earphones jacks and batteries. We also provide specialized parts and service such as glass and LCD for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 Edge.


We provide care and services for all issues as the Iphone. However, we provide specialized services catered to Blackberry parts. We cater to all the old and new models such as Blackberry Bolds, Blackberry Curves, Z10, Q10, Passport and Priv.

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