The Safari web browser for Mac computers, is installed and updated as part of macOS. For PCs, Safari updates are not available anymore.

Safari for Mac

Safari is comprised with your Mac operating system.

Updating Safari

In order to keep Safari up to date for the version of macOS you’re using, please install the latest macOS updates.

The most recent version of macOS comprises the most recent version of Safari. For some earlier versions of macOS, Safari might also be ready separately from the Updates tab of the App Store.

Reinstalling Safari

In case you deleted Safari and don’t have a Time Machine backup or other backup, reinstall macOS to bring Safari back in your Applications folder. Reinstalling macOS doesn’t remove data from your computer. 

Before reinstalling, maybe you want to use Spotlight to search for Safari on your Mac. when you find it, but it’s no longer in your Dock, just drag it to the Dock to add it back.

Safari for Windows

Apple doesn’t offer Safari updates for Windows anymore. Safari 5.1.7 for Windows was the last version made for Windows, and it is now outdated.