When it comes to high-end technology such as a MacBook, there are plenty of things that can cause damage. Unfortunately, unlike regular laptops, MacBooks of every generation are notoriously hard to fix. Dropping or spilling water on your MacBook are the most common ways people damage their devices, and understanding why they are so hard to fix may help you to be more careful in the future. Now, let’s dive into why it’s so hard to do a Mac repair.

Apple Wants You to Upgrade

The main reason Mac’s are hard to fix is that by not offering easy repair options, most users will be forced to purchase a new device or an upgraded version of their damaged device. If it was easy to repair or replace broken parts on Apple MacBooks, then most people would forgo upgrading to more expensive models in lieu of fixing their current laptop.

Another thing about those lovely upgrades, while it’s true that Apple does improve their technology every year, there are not enough changes to warrant spending a mortgage payment every year for a newer model. Most people would prefer to repair any issues they are facing with their old model and save their money to upgrade when there is really something new on the market from Apple.

Boosted Profits

An obvious reason to make Apple MacBooks difficult to repair is to increase the profits of the company. Since many common issues that require servicing end up actually being unserviceable, users are forced to purchase new devices. This, in turn, increases profits since not only do you have to buy a new MacBook, you also need to buy all the programs and accessories to go along with it.

What Makes A MacBook Hard To Fix?

Let’s talk a bit about what it is that makes these devices so hard to fix and why we here at Rosedale Computers are still able to service your MacBook.

Miniscule custom screws – One reason it’s hard to repair the MacBook is that it is actually quite difficult to open. Apple products are sealed using custom made screws that are extremely small. Outside of Apple Care and the Apple factory, very few people have the tools required to open these parts.

Special glue  The majority of traditional laptops are held together by screws, Apple makes a point of using tiny screws and a special type of glue to hold their devices to keep their components in place. Since the glue is what keeps things from moving around, you have to have the right tools on hand to dissolve the adhesive as well as have the right type of glue on hand to replace those parts once the repair is complete.

Melted on parts – Again, in most laptops certain parts, like the motherboard, RAM and the logic board are held in by clips or screws. Apple decided that soldering their RAM and logic board to the body of the MacBook was the best way to ensure that repair efforts will be unsuccessful.

How We Can Help

Although there are plenty of hurdles to overcome to fix a MacBook that’s on the fritz, Rosedale Computers is up to the task. Give us a call today at 1 (416) 921 ROSE (7673) to set up a time for us to repair your broken Apple device.