There is nothing worse than paying a ridiculous amount of money to purchase the latest technology, such as an iPhone or iPad only to soon after get a cracked screen. There are many reasons that your iPhone or iPad screen can get damaged, and we have put together a list of the top 10 we generally see here at Rosedale Computers.

Dropping It

This one tops our list of reasons and it’s also one of the easiest to avoid. Most often, users are trying to carry too many items in their hands or they are walking and navigating at the same time, and unfortunately end up dropping their phone.

Your Dog Ate It

This may seem along the lines of an excuse you give to your teacher about a missing assignment, but it actually happens. Pets have no idea how much you paid for your device and they don’t care, but they probably do like playing fetch with your shiny gadget.

Slammed in the Car Door or Trunk

This one not only damages the screen, but it will typically break or bend the frame too. It’s not easy to get your phone smashed in the small amount of time between it falling and you closing your door or trunk, but when it happens, it’s often a doozy.

Your Child Broke It

It may be surprising that this isn’t the top reason on our list though it does fall in the top 5. Kids are the hardest on technology especially when they happen to throw it down in a fit of temper or forget they are holding it when they go to play.

Too Hot or Cold

Extreme temperature changes can have a negative effect on any type of glass, especially your delicate iPad or iPhone. Try not to leave your device in direct sunlight or exposed to extremely cold temperatures.

Broken While Protecting

Huh? Yes, we see a lot of screens that have become cracked while the user was putting on a case intended to protect it from cracking. It’s frustrating, but certainly a repair we can handle here at Rosedale Computers.

You Sat on It

This is one of the most common and heartbreaking screen damage issues we see. These devices are made to fit in your pocket and following that logic, that’s where people store them. Unfortunately, the glass isn’t made to take the weight of a person, leading to many instances of accidental screen breakage.

You Ran Over It

Not too many people will leave their iPad or iPhone on the ground and then run over it, but you may be surprised about just how often people leave them on the roof of the car. The device will either crack when it falls from the roof to the ground, or when you run over it with your car.

Selfie Damage

This is a rather new one in our lineup, but equally common these days. People using selfie sticks or trying to take pictures at odd angles often don’t have a good grip on their phone which can result in falls and screen damage.

Dropped It in the Toilet

One of the most amusing reasons we have come across is when people are texting or scrolling while going to the bathroom. However, they’re not holding on tight enough and end up dropping their phone in the toilet. Your screen can crack from hitting the edge, or from your efforts at retrieving it from the sewage, either way, we suggest that you save your browsing for dryer locations.

How We Can Help

No matter what reason you have for coming to us with a broken, cracked or shattered screen, Rosedale Computers is here to help. Give us a call at 1 (416) 921 ROSE (7673) to set up a time for your repair, or to speak with someone about your options today.