Your Mac can do so much more than you probably realize, and with the most recent update, Rosedale Computers has put together a list of the best tips and timesavers for Mac owners.

Dragging Text

Sometimes you may want to take text from one application and place it inside of another. To do this, all you have to do is highlight the desired text and drag it to your desired location. When you pull the text to a plain area of your desktop, it will create a new text clip that you can save or edit as you prefer.

Desktop Stacking

Most Mac users are used to the drag and drop method of filing, but you can even do this across all of your Apple devices through the sync feature. Over time, you will notice that your desktop ends up a cluttered mess, but with the update, Desktop Stacks does it for you. The mode allows grouping according to classifications so it’s easy to find what you are looking for without going through millions of shortcuts on your screen. This mode is activated by right-clicking on your desktop screen and activating the stacking feature.

Dark Mode

The dark mode has been around since 2015, but now the option has been given a superior upgrade. In the past, Night Shift allowed you to change the light from bright blue to a shade that’s more muted and easier on the eyes. With the upgrade, the entire interface has been given a darker overhaul for those who prefer less than blinding screen glare. This mode is located in the system preferences section under the appearance tab.

Universal Copy and Paste

Have you ever wanted to move information from one Mac device to the other without a complicated file transfer? With the new update, now you can. Any Mac device that is connected to your iCloud account can make use of this copy-paste feature without changing or enabling any new settings.


To access the Picture-in-Picture mode, while watching a video, simply select the button on the lower right-hand side of the video player, it should resemble an arrow. If there is no such button for the Picture-in-Picture option, press and hold the control button while double-clicking the video to prompt the shortcut menu to appear.


We all love our internet emoji’s, but sometimes remembering the text prompts for all of them can become tedious. To make the emoji list appear, just hold down the control, spacebar, and command at the same time to bring up your list of available emoticons.

Split-Screen Multitasking

To make use of the split screen feature for multitasking, simply move your mouse to the green button at the top of your desired window. Click and hold to make the multitasking split screen mode appear.

Signing Documents

To sign a PDF document inside of an application, you can insert your saved signature via the tools option. If you don’t have a saved one, you can sign with your finger on your track pad. We hope our list of tricks and tips help you get the most out of your Mac. For more suggestions, or to speak with one of our Mac experts, give Rosedale Computers a call at 1 (416) 921 ROSE (7673) today.