It happens to all of us; one day your iPhone is working beautifully, and the next it’s malfunctioning. You’re walking on the sidewalk when you suddenly drop your iPhone, shattering the screen. If something like this has happened to you recently, and one or more parts of your iPhone are now malfunctioning or are all-together broken, don’t be too quick to bring it to the nearest repair centre ; there are ways you yourself can repair your iPhone with a little bit of effort and some simple tools.

What you’ll Need

When looking to repair your iPhone yourself, there are a few simple tools you’ll want to have on hand. These include:

  • A Screwdriver Kit– a standard PC repair kit should do the trick, as it comes with smaller screwdrivers that will surely fit your iPhone’s tiny screws.
  • Speciality Screw Heads– while your screwdriver kit will cover most screws, the latest iPhone’s sometimes use special screws that are incompatible with standard kits. It’s a good idea to seek these special screw heads out.
  • Screen Pry Tools– these tools are cheap and easy to find. They are needed for separating parts of your iPhone that are pressed together, such as separating the plastic casing from the rest of the phone.

Help! My Screen is Broken!

Fixing a broken screen can be both cheap and expensive depending on how the screen in question is built. Start by disassembling your device and checking to see whether or not the glass and digitizer (layer that translates taps into input) are fused together. If they are, the replacement unit is likely to be expensive, but if they are not, however, a replacement screen will come cheap. If the glass and digitizer are not fused, you may be able to replace either just the glass or both the glass and digitizer. Both are fairly easy to replace.

My Headphone Jack is Broken!

Headphone jacks are exposed to a lot of wear and tear as you constantly plug your headphones into them. It’s not surprising that they are one of the most vulnerable iPhone parts. Headphone jacks are usually very easy and very cheap to repair. They can sometimes be a little trickier depending on the design of the phone itself; some phones have unibody designs which are more difficult to enter. Luckily, iPhones are generally easier to get into.

My Buttons are Loose/Sticking!

Much like headphone jacks, loose or sticky buttons are easy to repair with minimal cost. Replacements can be bought for most hardware buttons in a handset and be easily swapped with the broken or loose ones. This will involve taking your iPhone apart, so make sure you do it carefully to avoid any further damage or complications. Most buttons are attached to the motherboard via cables and can therefore be very delicate.

My Camera Is Broken!

The most common problem that arises concerning iPhone cameras is a crack in the lens; internal problems are a lot less common. But if you do find that your camera has stopped working and suspect an internal malfunction, the internal sensors can be easily replaced. As with any other hardware you replace yourself, be sure to be extra careful when replacing camera parts, as they are also connected to your iPhone’s motherboard.